Welcome to the Impactopia services!

Impactopia is a set of analytic tools dedicated to unravel relationships between financial instruments.

smallmapEvery day, thousands of securities are traded in various markets around the world. We have developed an engine allowing traders to visualize/analyze the fluctuations of the financial markets. This site features this application applied to US equities.

Due to fundamental relationships between companies, to the propagation of information and to subtle connections between traders, some correlations between stocks exist. If a stock is negatively influenced by some announcement, what is the expected scenario for other stocks in the same sector? The engine we developed emphasizes which connections are relevant between equities.

We consider here about 4,500 US equities traded on the NYSE, AMEX, and Nasdaq markets. In order to compare the price fluctuations of those equities, we compute the correlations for all possible pairs, i.e. about 10 million pairs. The engine developed by Impactopia helps sorting out the millions of correlation coefficients. A user can query the database for calculating lists of top correlated pairs of stocks, lists of anticorrelated pairs, and lists of correlated stocks to any equity.

In addition, a procedure selects the highest coefficients for placing them in a connected graph which is a tree. Such a tree represents the skeleton of the price fluctuations relationships in the market. Traders can learn a lot from such trees. The market leaders are always placed in the center of the tree, and sectors leaders have many strongly connected neighbors. Several sectors emerge out of the statistical analysis, they are clusters/branches of the tree. Nearest neighbors of an equity usualy to belong to the same sector.